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About Us

We are a team of professional academics having deep experience into the field of education, learning and career. We have research expertise in talent sourcing, acquisition, development and management. We also have deep understanding of talent markets in niche areas like education and health sectors. Our team consists of people having experience in classroom teaching, research guidance, managing educational infrastructure, and in various aspects of human resource processes like hiring, training, assessment, and career management. Out of our experience and observations, we believe that there is lot of scope for improving educational and career choices by our youngsters. Many find themselves at cross roads and confused once they are out of their previous school/college because they have not planned for their future path. We assist you in making data based choices regarding your education and career and experts advice/inputs for your learning needs. We have become an organizational society and consequently a society of employees. Given the fact that most of us make our living through working for an organizational entity that might be small or big, a government undertaking of private, engaged in manufacturing or service, employed on differing terms and condition. We draw upon our educational achievements (knowledge, skills, and institutional brand) to succeed in our careers. For most of us, our education serves as the pillar of later achievements in life. The college you study and course specializations you choose charts your career path significantly. It is also true that many of us make wrong choices in education for lack understanding and influence from others. These choices often exact a huge price in terms of years lost on a wrong track, personal dissatisfaction, money and efforts, and sometimes lost opportunity for right kind of course/institution. Every day we hear students telling us they wanted to pursue a different course from a different college but did not get the right guidance at right time. There are cases of individuals pursuing medicine while having least interest, or they are studying engineering while having a deep desire to study psychology. Many students who are interested in medicine, management, nursing, teaching, engineering but keep their focus very narrow to a few institutions or course programs. If they are not able to compete for getting admission to any of their chosen programs, they find themselves lost and confused. However, very often the best solution may be to explore alternatives that might best fit their capacities and desires. Instead of overshooting, overreacting to the results of unplanned moves it would advisable target the opportunities that fit not only the desires but also one’s educational competence and prerequisite achievements. The array of individual talents and achievements and various institutions and course programs are so highly variable and complex that it is almost impossible for a student to choose optimally. Very often students have very limited information about both themselves and the opportunities available that their focus is very limited (mostly the premier institutions) and so is their chance of success (because of higher competition). Provided the proportion of applicants who succeed in getting admission into any premier institution (e.g. IIM, IIT, AIMS, JIPMER, NIFD), for most of students applying for these institutions is like buying a lottery ticket. The consequences are also similar (to lottery buyers), for most of students end up having neither admission nor future direction after entrance test.

We at entrance lab assist students at every point in their educational journey right from making the choice for educational program, to getting prepared entrance test, and getting educational inputs from experts while pursuing their coursework at various steps – preparing for assignments, presentations, projects, preparing for examinations, internship, and dissertations. Learning services will be especially useful for students having workload of assignments and projects to complete but for various reasons who do not have adequate inputs from their teachers. Sometime a student is so bright that he/she want to complete assignment before scheduled time, at other times the teacher may not be accessible for reasons for absence, illness, during holidays, outside college time schedule. In such cases, inputs from our experts will be very useful for ensuring uninterrupted learning and enhanced educational performance. Our primary aim is to help students make the most informed choices and to provide best possible advice/inputs.

Career Choices

Once a student has completed his or college degree and start searching for a job he/she has to make a critical choice about career, without adequate information. Often they have little idea about their competencies, interests, nature of job, nature of organization, appropriate compensation, and other aspects of job that might or might not fit their preferences.

We will assist them through precise, curated, personally relevant information, and educate them with important factors they should consider before making a choice. We will also provide inputs for preparation while applying for a job – preparing resume, self-presentation, skills acquisition, career planning, and career development.